About Guj 800

Wilkommen! For some odd reason, you have shuffled in to the personal web space of the Guj 800 crew. Don’t be alarmed. It is a crew of one. And I am harmless.

“Guj 800” is derived from a couple of things. In college, my roommate and I saw Guj written in a magazine. The reason has long since eluded us, but we defined Guj as the highest level of coolness. Something reaches Guj status when “cool” or “awesome” just doesn’t cut it anymore. Of course, now it just means the same as “cool”, but that’s the way of the lexica. Lexica is not really a word.

Guj 800 does not mean the same thing as Guj*800 or Guj(800). It does not mean that it is the 800th version or iteration of Guj. It is not an attempt to sound futuristic, as if this website was posted in the year 790 of the common era, and in an effort to seem prescient or ahead of the times in some way or another, it was named after the upcoming century (vis-a-vis the Dust Buster 2000).

I will tell you what Guj 800 does not mean. I will not tell you what Guj 800 does mean. You are going to have to just cope with that.

I plan on using this blog to fully examine the areas of existence I find most interesting – things like Excel automation via VBA, the philosophies of solipsism and nihilism, theology as an item of debate and philosophic interest, beautifully crafted and efficient SQL scripting, and, well, anything guj.

Guj 800 currently has one author and one contributor. We will always welcome fellow lovers of the guj who want to become contributors. Drop me a line by visiting the About the Author page if interested.

Enjoy your stay at the Guj!